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About Us

Sufi Design is a gift from my loved ones on 14th February 2015. I started to string the colorful glass beads which my father’s brought when I was a little girl. Then I met with the threads with my brothers fishing accessories.

Sea is plentiful; I collected seashells. Then I got my first milling cutter as a gift of my father and met with the diamond just after that. Then… Then my passion for Anatolia began; I danced, met with costumes, learnt to make women's headdresses, men's fez, hand-knitted socks and leather sandals. And my passion for books brought me to Beyazıt, heart of Istanbul. What an adventure it was! I was lost in Istanbul. Grand Bazaar, Bedesten, Beyoğlu, Egyptian Bazaar… Every door is opened to a different world. I read, watched, danced ...


Then I discovered that I was expressing myself with what I wear; ethnic jewelry, modern jewelry, tiny jewelry… And one day I stepped into an atelier, thanks to an Assyrian master. I watched Mr. Şuayip’s work on filigree for hours and hours.

I got my first clamp from the Chicken Market in 1990. Same year, I started university, I learned a lot. Drums, zurnas, artists, dancers, singers… It was more than a school; colourful years of my life. When I learnt the word of “ethnic” from my dear teacher Mr. Suleyman, borders of language, religion, race had already been gone in my mind. My vision for the world has been changed.

While that time, my big brother Can went to USA and showed me some gems I haven’t seen before. I stringed, knitted. And then I met with pearls, tears of the sea. Precious time of my life.

And my beautiful friends.. I shared what I learned, they shared what they know. Everything grew like happiness and creativity.

One day Sultan entered my life. Everything has changed. My vision, my language, my beliefs. The old me has gone and Sufi came. I wished a small shop with Sufi; which has it own smell, own texture… I wanted to get a summary of what I know.

Here is Sufi Design, the immediate projection of an attemt by a dervish to spend its time on this world. A bridge between known and abandoned. The birth of location of Sufi Design’s is a passage. Perhaps its because of the perfect functioning of unconditional fiction of the world. Sufi Design, is the dance of a dervish with its prayer beads.

Now we have The Sea next.